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4 Iranian Instructors to Conduct Training of Trainers for 50 Women on Handicraft

The Iranian Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Akbar Khosravinezhad has in a meeting with the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Dr. Memunatu Pratt disclosed that four (4) Iranian instructors will jet into Sierra Leone to conduct training of trainers for fifty (50) women on Handicrafts skills.

During his previous meetings with the Minister, Ambassador Khosravinezhad on the request of Minister Pratt promised to talk with his colleagues in Iran to come to Sierra Leone to help in empowering women on handicrafts skills. “I was in Iran where I talked with my colleagues on the handicraft training of women in the tourism and cultural industry and I am pleased to inform you that four female instructors will be in Sierra Leone to conduct the training of trainers for women involved in handicraft”, he said.

In her brief remarks, Minister Pratt appreciated the Iranian Ambassador for the support saying that it is huge boast for the sector. She was delighted that this is finally happening and that it will add the much needed expertise for women engaged in handicrafts.

The training is targeting fifty (50) women from across the country who are already into handicraft training. It will start in November and it will last for ten days.

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