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NDMA, Partners visit illegal construction site at Adonkai, Orders immediate stop of work

Freetown, Adonkia Community, 29th October 2021 – the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) and authorities from the Sierra Leone Road Authority (SLRA), Office of National Security (ONS), accompanied by the Sierra Leone police visited an illegal construction site at Angola Bridge, Adonkia and ordered workers to stop work with immediate effect.

The visit was to assess the risk and issue a stop to the unlawful work. The illegitimate construction poses an imminent risk that will affect the free flow of water through the bridge, which will lead to overflowing when it rains and cause possible damage to the newly constructed bridge, surrounding structures and residents in the area.

NDMA engaged stakeholders in the community and outlined the danger associated with unlawful construction. The visiting team admonished them that they should be vigilant in protecting their communities from human activities considered to be inimical.

The team also engaged the workers at the site and explained the looming risk and the need to stop the work immediately, as it poses danger to the surrounding habitat.

Director of Risk Reduction and Preparedness, NDMA, Thomas Lebbie, said his attention was drawn to the illegal activity and immediately visited the scene. He said such interventions fall within the remit of NDMA to ensure the reduction of disaster occurrences in the Country. He further noted that people should stop illegal construction, especially in protected areas.

β€œWe are doing this to save your lives and properties from future disaster, this construction, if allowed to stand, will pose a great risk to the people who will be domicile in it and the newly constructed bridge”. He noted

NDMA will continue its mandate to mitigate disasters in the country through its early warning mechanism; sensitizing communities and bringing to the attention of key sector players looming threats that might lead to a tragedy in communities across the country.

It is worth noting since its creation in November 2020, the NDMA has responded to 18,534 affected victims of floods, fire, windstorms and collapsed buildings nationwide.

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