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AIG Samadia Lectures Regional & Divisional Police Officers

By Anthony Vandy

On Monday, November 1, 2021, AIG Aiah Edward Samadia, Regional Police Commander South, lectured both Regional and Divisional employees on the theme “Involvement in Crime.

AIG defined a crime as an act or omission that is prohibited by law and for which the law imposes a legal penalty on the perpetrator.

He went on to clarify Involvement in Crime as follows:

Conspiracy, incitement, the first-degree principal, accessory before the fact Principal in the second degree, after-the-fact accessory, felony misprision.

AIG, on the other hand, explained how citizens became involved in crime. He retreated, saying that he always wants police officers to be on top of things when it comes to criminality. “I’ll be sharing my experience as a police officer in the twenty-first century with you,” he continued.

The parade, according to Assistant Commissioner of Police Joseph W. Saffa, who also serves as the Local Uunit Commander for the Bo West Division, is interactive and educational because young officers will be able to learn from the experiences of seasoned crime fighters. Personnel on parade had a lot of questions and concerns, which AIG and other senior police officers on parade addressed.



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