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IGP Swift Intervention Saved Situation

Central Business District (CBD), Freetown, Thursday 4th November, 2021- The swift intervention of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Ambrose Michael Sovula saw the restore of peace and calmness with people returning back to their usual daily businesses after receiving reports of roads blocks and intelligent of plan demonstration by unknown groups.
The intervention of the IGP came following groups of hooligans who took advantage of the ACC interview of the main opposition 2018 Presidential candidate Dr Samura Kamara by holding the city to ransom preventing commuters, pedestrians, business people and workers from going about their normal businesses.
Eyewitness account state that prior to the intervention of the Police Boss who wasted no time upon receiving the information, walked from his office on George Street and head straight to ACC headquarters, major streets around the Anti Corruption Commission headquarters were blocked by unknown groups, an action which did not only prevent people from going about their normal businesses but instilled fear in them, creating a scenario that the city was not safe.
“I have engaged Dr Samura Kamara, he made it clear to me that, the only people he asked to accompany him were his lawyers and no one else” said the IGP adding that he also engaged the ACC Boss who explained that Samura was being investigated not because he was a presidential candidate but his stewardship as Minister of Foreign Affair and International Corporation during the past government.
The adamant refusal of the groups to go back to where they came from to allow other people go about their normal businesses as the interview has nothing to do with them and pelting of missiles at police officers left the police Boss with no choice but to order their disperse through the use of canister and teargas.
In less than thirty minutes, the streets and roads were clear off with people returning to their usual daily businesses.
Intelligent gathered revealed that others groups from the provinces were in their way to the Capital City to join them

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