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ACTB Launches Masingbi Branch

A Call To Business (ACTB) one of Sierra Leone largest regulated microfinance institutions has launched it branch at Masingbi.

The launched which was graced by elders, business people and bike drivers has been described as the best in that community as all stakeholders welcome them and throw in their support.

ACTB provides financial solutions to the people and communities in Sierra Leone that are regularly in need of it.

ACTB Chief Operation Officer, IdrissaAlieSesay before launching the branch, gave a brief background about ACTB which ran back in 2006 when A Call to Business UK first came to Sierra Leone, following the eleven years’ conflict that turned the country apart at almost every level.

This UK charity believed that business has a key role to play in alleviating poverty and social ills and that when Biblical principles are applied in business, real transformation is possible. Interest-free loans of $1500 each were made to two businessmen, of which one birthed a microfinance business, A Call to Business Trading Limited, which was registered in Sierra Leone as a trading company in 2008.

“Since then the company has experienced quite extraordinary growth, with that initial investment of $3000 (Le 8,909,400) now a portfolio of $3,594,906 (Le 25,883,328,533).”

He continued to say in terms of size of loan portfolio, ACTB is presently the largest non-bank financial service provider in Sierra Leone. The business currently serves over 16,000 active borrowers through its nine locations across the country – Freetown (Head Office in Brookfields and branch office in Wellington), Makeni, Lungi, Kambia, Makeni, Kono, Bo, Magburaka, Port Loko and Lunsar.

Masingbi Chiefdom Speaker, AbassBundu described their community as a strategic place that link other towns and villages.

He assured ACTB of protection and wiliness to join them because they consider them greatly.

“You are welcome here and I want to thank you for adding to the banking service in this Chiefdom. I want to assure you that you are safe.”

He asked ACTB to extend their loan service to agriculture as most of them involved in farming.

Ward 181, Cons. 054 KonikeSanda, Tonkolili district Councilor YawarrahKabia described the day as a big day for them because an opportunity that has been given to them.

She expressed joy to see their children working at the Bank instead of outsiders. She called on her audience to hold the bank with their two hands as they have more confidence in them because their children are working there.

Police Personnel, Officer Commanding Masingbi Police Division, Amadu Turay explained the work he did for the bank in Freetown before he was posted to that community and tell his audience that ACTB is a trusted, well secured and government recognized institution.

He said the Sierra Leone Police are providing 100% security for both human and properties.

“Please cooperate with them and I wish them safe stay in Masingbi”

ACTB Marketing and Deposit Mobilization Coordinator, RockslynAlwyn Findlay emphasized that the event is one in a life time historic one in Masingbi.

He spoke about the financial inclusion which is a drive led by the Bank of Sierra Leone as part of their promotion.

Rockslyn outlined some of the loans the bank is offering which includes, salaries loan and salary advance and the rural and agricultural loan that will change their lives.



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