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Africell, MSF and Choithram Take the Lead in Supporting Fire Victims

Sierra Leone leading mobile telecommunication company,Africell Mobile Company has been highly commended for being one of the first private cooperate institution to donate huge quantities of medical and food items in support of victims in treatment centers of the devastating fuel tanker explosion in Wellington, in the east end of Freetown. 

Receiving the items on behalf of the Connaught Hospital, Dr. Kenneh thanked the Management and Staff of Africell for the donation. He added by describing the donation as “prompt response” to victims in treatment centers. He further said that he is impressed with the level of magnanimity of Africell, MSF and Choithram in supporting fire victims. He went on by describing the donation of Africell as “timely and priceless.”

Manager of the Connaught Hospital, Dr. Mustapha Kabba also thanked Africell for the support. He also called on other institutions to emulate the good strides of Africell Mobile Company in supporting victims in treatment centers.

The Director of the Connaught Hospital, Dr. Mathew Vandy, stated that since the incident occurred, they have been receiving corpses but some   corpses are beyond recognition. He said they have separated the patients based on the degree of burnt they sustained. He also commended members of staff for their dedication and relentless

Handing over the items to the treatment centers, Media Manager of Africell Mobile Company, Mr. John Konteh, on behalf of Africell Mobile Company extended their deepest condolences to the nation and the bereaved families. Mr. John Konteh expressed that Africell Mobile Company is saddened by the unfortunate fire outbreak. He went on to say that as a company they have considered it prudent to render assistance to the victims.

 “It is a sad moment for the country,” said Mr. John Konteh, adding that based on the assessment conducted, they have seen the need to make swift donation in support of victims in treatment centers.

He said the company will replicate similar donation to other health facilities such as the 34 Military Hospital where victims are admitted.

Mr. Konteh concluded by making a symbolic presentation of the medical and food items to the Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kenneh who received the items on behalf of the Connaught Hospital.

The donated items include: 100 SSD cream, 200 Ceftriaxone injection, 200 Metronidazole IV, 50X100 exam gloves, 400 paracetamol IV, 100 Omeprazole injection, 250 IV cannula, 200 Giving Set, 40×100 Syringe and needle, 25 cartons wool, 50 roll plaster, 150 urine bag, 300 N/S IL, 300 N/S 0.5l and 50 gauze – 100.

Choithram Memorial Hospital, MSF Belgium and Holland and others made similar donation.



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