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Installation of wooden poles in our cities…Are we safe?

Sierra Leoneans are gradually embracing President Bio’s developmental strives in this 21st century and effort by any person or group of people wanting to thwart or kill that dream will be condemned by this nation.

One area that has been making progress in President Bio’s Government is the erection of concrete poles by the Ministry of Energy in Kabala, KambiaMoyamba, Matru Jong, Bonthe, Pujehunetc thereby replacing the age old wooden poles. The scene and beauty of it gives you the belief that something good is coming to this nation.

Sources at the Ministry of Energy disclosed to this medium that these concrete poles are imported from overseas. Sources disclosed that they used it to link international line from Liberia to Kenema.

Recently, this medium visited some parts of Kenema where tiny untreated wooden poles are being erected thereby, endangering many communities. Reports further stated that most of these communities have started rejecting it, because they see itunsafe and unreliable

The imported wooden poles from South Africa and Ghana are gigantic that you can’t compare them with the tiny sticks labeled as poles. These ‘Sticks’ are now been erected all over the capital city thereby destroying the beauty the concrete poles is bringing into a country that is yarning for quality things for so long.

“They are not only risky but also don’t last long while the concrete poles last long and this will help Government to save money,” sources disclosed, stating that the recent fire disaster at Wellington is a clear example of the dangers of this wooden poles, they were all burnt down to ashes while the concrete poles stand still.

Freetown is our capital and whatever we do here must be of high standard, if concrete poles have been erected in five districts why must the authorities erect wooden poles (sticks) in the capital.

Several efforts made to get the reaction of the Minister of Energy have proven futile but we hope to get their response soon.



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