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Ministry of Finance Disowns Karpowership

Report reaching this medium has indicated that the management of Karpowership has stopped supplying electricity to the Capital City of Freetown, due to the refusal of the Ministry of Finance to honor payment to the management of Karpowership.

Denis Vandi Act now!!

 Report further revealed that even though the Ministry Of Finance has made incalculable commitments to pay the said money but to no avail and the current epileptic supply of electricity to the Capital City of Freetown and its immediate environs is a testament that the management of Karpowership shuts down operation after the Ministry of Finance fails to honor the payment of the debt.

Sahr Jusu the man thwarting the payment process

According to reliable sources the Financial Secretary, Mr. SahrJusu has been accused of thwarting the payment process.

 Speaking to citizens in a vox-pop conducted by this medium, AminataKamara a petty Trader at Krootown Road has expressed frustration over the non-availability of electricity supply in the city. She added that government must keep to its commitment to pay the Turkish Karpowership. She called on President Bio to do something urgently to settle the electricity issue in Freetown, adding by arguing that electricity is a political commodity.

Amara Conteh in the east end of Freetown said that the frequent blackout in the city is a clear manifestation that the management of Karpowership shut down its operation. He called on the government of Sierra Leone to honor the debt and save the country from uninterrupted supply of electricity.  He said that failing to pay means that Freetown will be the darkest city in Africa.

All efforts made to reach the Ministry of Finance have proven futile.



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