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Ambassador Waito be honored

The Sierra Leone Ambassador to the United States of America SidiqueAbubakarrWai who was the former policy adviser to the former police commissioner of the New York Police Department is to be honored today by the Sierra Leone Police. The Police Inspector General Mr. Sovula is conducting an official parade in his honor today and will address the SLP leadership.

Ambassador Wai has wealth of knowledge about Policing and hopes to share his experience with the top management of the Sierra Leone Police Force.  His contribution to the New York Police was of immense benefit to the people of New York City.

The top Police cadre will be opportune to get first-hand knowledge from a man who was Policy Adviser to the former Police Commissioner of New York Police Department and they will learn how his knowledge sharing helped reshape the New York City.

The Ambassador’s message should be an eye opener when he addresses the Sierra Leone Police today. His message will surely help to improve the Sierra Leone Police in strengthening the relationship between the Police and the so many communities in Sierra Leone. It will also guide them in addressing the sometimes strain relationship they encounter in their quest to bring sanity to society.



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