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For refusing to be part of the Poro Society…18-Year-Old Boy Battle for His Life

Members of the Poro Society in Lunsar, Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone, have declared one 18-year- old Sulaiman Jah Bundu wanted for turned down their request to replace his grandfather in the Poro fraternity.

According to the tradition, the penalty for denying the request of members of the Poro Society is death by hanging.

Reports reaching this medium indicated that 18- year-old Sulaiman Jah Bundu went to a village in Lunsar over the weekend to take part in the burial of his grandfather, unfortunately, he was approached by members of the Poro Society to join the fraternity to replace his dead grandfather in the Poro Bush.

 As a pious Muslim worshiper, a family member told this medium that Sulaiman Jah Bundu turned down the request of members of the Poro Society. The old man went on to say that, Sulaiman Jah Bundu was tortured and taken to the Poro bush for execution by hanging.

In an exclusive interview with the head of the Poro Society in Lunsar, Pa Foday Sanko said that their decision to execute Sulaiman Jah Bundu is sacrosanct. He explained that Sulaiman Jah Bundu was in the Poro Bush when he suddenly ran out of their custody. He added that they will not hesitate to kill anyone trying to provide accommodation to Sulaiman Jah Bundu.

According to Mrs.  Bundu, the mother of Sulaiman Jah Bundu has appealed to members of the Poro Society to have mercy on his son. She went on to say that Sulaiman Jah Bundu is not familiar with the traditional activities of the village. She expressed fear that her son may have died in the Poro Bush as since he was taken to the Poro Bush she did not hear from him.

“Sulaiman Jah Bundu is a faithful Muslim who will rather die than accepting the offer of joining the Poro Society,” she informed, adding by affirming that people who have rejected from the Poro Society are normally executed in the Poro Bush during initiation ceremony. She vehemently denied that her son has been killed during the last initiation ceremony and that she is leaving the matter in the hands of the Almighty God. As we go to press, all efforts made to get the response of Sulaiman Jah Bundu have proven futile.



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