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Constituency 125 Applauds Chairman AlhajiKomba

If the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is making huge progress in the Western Area, the

SLPP Constituency 125 Chairman, AlhajiKomba is part of those individuals making such astride.

Chairman AlhajiKomba is a die hearted follower of the SLPP, whose ideas and vision resonates with the grassroots people of his Constituency. And due to the trust and belief the people of his Constituency have in him, he went unopposed in their election. Currently, he’s the youngest Constituency Chairman in the entire Western Area, if not in the entire country.

Indeed AlhajiKomba and his Executive are not just SLPP Stewards in that part of the capital, but they are really political heavyweights, by closing the gap between them and the APC during the 2018 elections.

The Western Area has been the stronghold of the APC since 2007-2018elections, winning almost the entire seats in the capital by huge margins. But with AlhajiKomba and the hard work of the Executive members of Constituency 125, they happened to pull over 12,000 votes in a Constituency of about 30,000 people in 2018 elections, narrowing the gap between the APC and the SLPP not only for the Member of Parliament (MP) election, same for the two local council seats.

In an interview with Uncle Sankara Media Platform, Chairman AlhajiKomba noted that what they are doing as an Executive is based on the dream and aspiration of President Bio, who has been the magic politician in terms of the rapid development and growth Sierra Leoneans are presently enjoying across the country. And because of such aspiration, he has been closed with his people and has been helping them out in one way or the other regardless of the fact that President Bio has taken developments to every corner of this country in different folds. As a Chairman, Mr Alhaji Komba said is very much aware of the task and responsibility of such a position, serving as the moral guarantor between the people and the higher structure of the party, with 13 Zonal Executives across his Constituency including three slum communities amongst which are Kroo Bay and Kolleh Town.

Having taken such a position, Chairman AlhajiKomba and Team has been supporting Constituency 125 members out of their own pockets and ensuring that the Promises of President Bio comes into reality.

The Chairman noted that even though money is very much important, they are also rendering their moral support to their members as well.

He applauded President Maada and First Lady Mrs Fatima Maada Bio for what they did in his Constituency, particular in Belgium, where the last fire incident destroyed properties worth millions of Leones.

But with the humanitarian heart of President Maada Bio, a cheque of ten million Leones each was presented to over 80 people in order for them to recover from such a tragic occurrence.



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