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1,297 Fire Incidents in 2021

By Mohamed Kamara 

The National Fire Force has confirmed that 1,297 occurred in Sierra Leone claiming several lives and destroyed lots of properties.   

This data was compiled by the Statistician of the National Fire Force confirming that 956 Houses, 52 Cars 25 Vehicles, 72 Motor bikes, 38 shops, 15 stores, 8 Transformers, 15 Electrical poles, and 5 Generators were destroyed by fire incidents in 2021. 

Mr. Nasiru Bonga added that 9 Workshops, 6 Offices, 3 Hospitals, 4 Containers, and 2 Saloons were also affected by fire incidents in 2021, adding that 30 Dustbin fire incidents, 20 Bush fire incidents, 5 Timber fire incidents, 6 Dump fire incidents, 2 Crown fire incidents, and 2 Cotton tree fire incidents occurred across the country. He further said that 2 Tricycles (Keke) and 2 Restrooms were completely destroyed by fire incident in 2021. 

The data further indicated that: 

  • One garage fire incident occurred in 2021. 
  • One fishing cargo (trolley) was completely burnt down by fire in 2021 
  • One bank(GT Bank) Cline Town branch was affected by fire incident in 2021 
  • One school, (KDC Primary school) situated on an Island at Mambolo Chiefdom, Kambia district was completely burnt down by fire in 2021. 
  • One factory (Kadco Company) situated at Murray Town was alos affected by fire incident in 2021. 
  • One bar (Club) situated at PMB Junction, Wellington was completely burnt down by fire in 2021. 
  • One Station boot (Called Whatsapp) which was used as entertainment center was partly burnt down by fire in 2021. 
  • One Tele Center was completely burnt down by fire in 2021. 
  • One courtroom fire incident occurred in the southern region of Bo in 2021. 
  • 3. The Regional breakdown of fire incidents recorded from January to November 2021 is as follows: 

      S/NO                 REGION                              NUMBER OF FIRE INCIDENTS 

      1. Western Area                                                                1,056 

      2. Southern Region                                                            62 

      3. Nothern Region                                                              125 

      4. Eastern Region                                                                54 

      TOTAL                                                                             1,297 

      4. Finally, the monthly fire incidents shows: 

       S/NO                   Catergory of incident               Number of Fire Incident  

       1.                        Garage Fire Incident                                     1 

       2.                        Fishing Cargo fire incident                             1 

       3.                        Bank Fire incident                                         1 

       4.                        Telecenter fire incident                                   1 

       5.                        Factory Fire Incident                                     1 

       6.                        School Fire Incident                                       1 

       7.                        Bar (Club) fire Incident                                   1 

       8.                        Stadium Boot Fire Incident                              1 

       9.                        Courtroom Fire Incident                                  1 





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