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Njala University set to regain its Agricultural Prowers’s

Njala University is set to regain its agricultural prowess as it was in the late sixties and early seventies with the establishment of a committee of imminent agriculturists within the University to drive a massive agricultural transformation. 

Professor M.T. Lahai who heads an eleven (11) Committee of agriculturists told this medium that the University Administration headed by the forward-looking Acting Vice-Chancellor and principal, Professor Andrew Baimba has constituted a committee to facilitate the growing and marketing of crops, rearing of animal, fish, vegetables and fruits production amongst several others on a huge scale. 

The University according to him has committed resources to resuscitate the Animal Production Division and the cattle ranch at Njala Campus. An initial 3,000 (three thousand) chickens concentrate, and corn has been purchased waiting for delivery. Substantial cleaning has been done to the APD infrastructure and it is also expected to be fortified with fencing and other bio-safety facilities. 

The Committee has also received resources to immediately undertake the cultivation of two hectares for each of these four crops (maize, cassava, soya beans, and rice). A total of 89 hectares of upland and 11.9 hectares of lowland has been secured and surveyed at Njala Campus and are ready for the cultivation of these four crops. 

The Acting Vice-Chancellor has challenged these imminent Agriculturists to use their expertise to change the trajectory at Njala University as far as agriculture is concerned. He is highly passionate about getting Njala University to not only contribute meaningfully to the country’s agricultural transformation but to also use these facilities to provide hands-on-deck training for students venturing into studying agriculture and also support farmers across the country with seeds, meat and milk, and other extension related services. 

Full Details Later in the January Edition of the University Newsletter 




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