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Africell MD Interacts With Customers

As a way of prioritizing customers at the heart of their operations, the Managing Director of Africell and other management staff have paid an unannounced working visit to interact with customers at Africell customer care office Odion at Siaka Stevens Street in Freetown.
This exercise was carried out on Thursday 3rd February 2022 and it is expected to be replicated in other Africell offices in Freetown and beyond.

According to the Managing Director of Africell, they consider their customers very important to their growth and expansion. Mr. ShadiGerjawi continued by stating that Odion is their flagship structure and the management of Africell have decided to use it as a point of contact with their customers and have an interactive sessions with them. He stressed that their goal is to keep their customers happy.
“It is a pleasure for me to be here today and this is not the first time we have come to the forefront and interact with our customers,” Shadi said. It is on this backdrop that Mr. Shadi has called on all customers to continue to access the Africell Customer Centers across the country. He assured that whatever issue they have can be solved. He further stated that their role is to satisfy their customers, adding further that it has been a long journey in making sure that their customers are adequately served.

The Customer Care Manager of Africell, Kippy Debs said that it is very important as managers to meet with their customers and have firsthand experience, adding that through which they can have a wealth of knowledge on how customers’ issues are addressed. Kippy added that they discovered that the major concern of their customers is sim card replacement and Afrimoney transactions. Kippy further said that they have over 32 Customer Care Centers across the country that they are using to address customers’ concerns. The Customer Care Manager continued by stating that their primary focus is to provide quality services to their customers. Kippy added that their Customer Centers are always open to members of the public to channel their issues to them. Kippy assured that their staff are always willing and ready to address them.

The Chief Cooperate Officer of Africell, Joe AbassBangura said that the exercise will help them to have firsthand information about their customers’ needs and want. Their presence at the Odion office, he said would further assure their customers that they are at the center of their operations. Mr. Bangura went on to say that there are lots of friendly exchanges that they had with customers that most management staff were exposed to for the very first time.
“We learnt some new things and it was a very good experience,” said Mr. Bangura, adding that before to replace a sim card it will take up to 24 hours but now when all the relevant information are provided it is done instantly. Mr. Bangura concluded by stating that the exercise has exposed them to lots of issues including what their staff are doing on a daily basis with their customers and get a sense of how they response to customers’ needs.



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