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Call for Expression of Interest/ Registration of Suppliers and Service Providers for the Year 2022

    Statistics Sierra Leone is calling for applications /Expressions of Interestsfrom competent and qualified suppliers and service providers for the provision of various categories of goods and services for the year 2022. The EoI applicationswill develop an updated database followed by a Request For Quotations (RFQ), Invitation To Bid (ITB), and /or Request for Proposal (RFP) which may result in Long Term Agreements with the successful applicant.
    In compliance with the Procurement Act of 2016 and the Regulation 2006, effective procurement depends greatly on the quality and delivery performance of suppliers, contractors and consultants and their products and services. Procuring Entities are required to maintain a database of suppliers, service providers and consultants who are assessed to be of suitable standard to meet the specialized requirements of the Procuring Entity.
    Business establishments, Suppliers, Service Providers and Consultants who wish to participate in the process are required submit applications indicating the categories for which the applications are being submitted. In addition to requirements in the pre-qualification application form, the interested applicants must provide the following documents /information.
  3. Certificate of Business Registration
  4. National Revenue Authority (NRA) Tax Registration Certificate (Indicating TIN) / Domestic Tax Clearance Certificate (Must be valid for the period ending 28th February, 2022 or later).
  5. Valid Operation and /or Trading License (As applicable)
  6. Official Business physical, postal, telephone and email address.
  7. Proof of substantial contracts / orders completed in the last 18 months for the specific category you are applying for.
  8. Fully and satisfactorily completed EoIApplication Form specifying the category for which application is made.
  9. Reference and Recommendations from at least 3 present and past clients with whom your firm has done business for in the specified category.

A. Suppliers(Goods) Category

i. Office Stationeries
ii. Provision and Food Stuffs
iii. Toiletries
iv. Computer Consumables (Toners)
v. Computers, Laptops and accessories
vi. Office Equipment
vii. Electrical Items
viii. Supply of Generator Spares
ix. Supply of Vehicle Spares
x. Supply of Motorbike Spares
xi. Top-up Cards / E-Voucher
xii. Fuel and Lubricants
xiii. Furniture and Fittings
xiv. Building Materials
xv. Vehicles and Motorbikes
xvi. Car Accessories
xvii. Sundry Items / Supermarkets
xviii. Solar Systems and Products
xix. First Aid Kits / Equipment
xx. Machinery
B. Services Category

i. Maintenance and Repairs of Air Conditioners, Refrigerators
ii. Maintenance and Repairs of Vehicles
iii. Maintenance and Repairs of Motorbikes
iv. Maintenance and Repairs of Generators
v. Computer Repairs and Hardware Services
vi. Printing Services
vii. Vehicle / Car Rental Services
viii. Boats / Speedboat / Water Taxi / Sea Car Rental Services
ix. Security Services
x. Office Cleaning and Fumigation Services
xi. Garbage Collection Service
xii. Catering Services (Meetings /Workshops / Seminars)
xiii. Media (Print and Electronics)
xiv. Travel Agencies
xv. Electrical Maintenance and Services
xvi. Canteen Services
xvii. Halls / Conference Facility Services
xviii. Hotels / Guest Houses
xix. Clearing and Forwarding Services

C. Works Category
i. Building Construction
ii. Plumbing Maintenance Works
iii. Building Rehabilitation / Major Repairs
iv. Carpentry Services
v. Digging of Wells / Boreholes
vi. General Construction
D. Consultancy / Consultants
• Applicant area(s) of specialization.

    Applicants (Suppliers, Service Providers, Contractors and Consultants) are requested to download the EoI Application Form from the website address below or collect hardcopy from Procurement Unit – Room 115 of Statistics Sierra Leone.

Applicants must be willing to submit their price lists (valid for 2022) and communicate any changes in prices from time to time.
The Deadline for submission of Expression of Interests is Tuesday, 1st March, 2022. Please indicate the Name of your Business Establishment / Company and Category for which EoI is submitted on the Top Right Hand Corner of the envelope.

Address all applications to:

The Principal Procurement Officer
Statistics Sierra Leone
A J Momoh Street, Tower Hill
PMB 595, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Tel: +23278 700700



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