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As they seek to provide medical treatment in India…Sick Pikin Foundation Rescues Two

By Shadrach Aziz Kamara
Sick Pikin Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization has on Friday 11thFebruary 2022, held a press conferenceand updatedmembers of the press about imminent departure of two Sierra Leoneanswho are suffering from fistula and Neurofibromatosis type 2.
The press conference was held at the Caritas Office in Freetown.
The Lead Coordinator of Sick Pikin Project, Ishmael Alfred Charles said that the imminent departure of HawaSesay, who is suffering from Fistula which she developed from a bike accident and Sylvia Kamara who is also suffering from Neurofibromatosis type 2 will be taken abroad for proper medical treatments.
He informed that they will be departing the shores of Freetown on Saturday 12thFebruary 2022 for New Delhi in India for a surgery to be done on them at the Max Super Specialty Hospital. He disclosed that, as always, the Sick Pikin Project usually convenes meetings to inform the general public about latest strides that the organization had undertaken or wants to undertake and try to identify as well as express gratitude to those who are investing their resources to support their projectas well as those who are also giving their moral support to the project.
He maintained that the reason they decided to hold the press conference is to inform the general public that they are sending two children again for medical treatments and they will be leaving for New Delhi, India soon. He pointed out that the two children that will be undergoing surgeries areHawaSesay who is suffering from Fistula, adding that Hawa developed the Fistula as a result of a bike accident and Sylvia Kamara who is also suffering from Neurofibromatosis type 2.
“There is no way that their surgeries could be done in Sierra Leone,” he said, adding that byexpressing appreciation to the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation for supporting them. He disclosed that the Ministry provided the bulk of the funds to enable them facilitate the treatment of HawaSesay and Sylvia Kamara in India. He concluded by using the opportunity to update pressmen about three children who also departed the country in January 2022 for India for treatment.
He said that the children are Ezekiel Mammy, Treasure Jusu and ShadrackBangura, adding that three of them undergone surgeries and they are doing well.
IdrissaKamara, father of Sylvia Kamara extended his sincere thanks and gratitude to the Sick Pikin Project and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation for coming to their aid. He revealed that they noticed the deformity on Sylvia at the tender age of 2 years and since then they have exhausted all their efforts to have her cured but to no avail, adding that the deformity has affected her schooling as in most cases her colleagues make mockery of her which has made schooling very uncomfortable for his daughter.
Mohamed J. Kanneh, who happens to be the Guadiana of HawaSesay also showered praises on the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and the Sick Pikin Project for facilitating the treatment of HawaSesay in India. He also narrated the story of HawaSesay of which he said on the 24th March 2021 she was involved in a bike accident in Kenema and since then her condition has deteriorated, adding that they are very happy that the Sick Pikin Project came to their rescue to enable Hawa to be treated in India. He is very optimistic that HawaSesaywill undergo her surgery in India successfully.



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