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The Parliament of Sierra Leone has on Friday 11/2/2022 signed the book of condolence and conducted a laying-out ceremony for the traditionally seriously sick Honourable PC. Sahr Korgbende Fengai Kaimachande III of Gbense Chiefdom Kono District at State Hall Parliament Building, Tower Hill in Freetown. The ceremony attracted very important personalities including the Leadership of Parliament, Members of Parliament and staff, ministers of government, family members, and other distinguished sympathizers.

In his citation, the Master of ceremonies, Sheku Lamin Turay, who also doubles as Director of Parliamentary and Public Relations said the critically ill Hon. Paramount Chief contributed immensely to the legislative development of Sierra Leone when he was representing Kono in Parliament. He went on to say, the Honourable PC Shar Korgbende Fengai Kaimachande III was elected Paramount Chief Member of Parliament by the Kono District Council of Paramount Chiefs from 2007 -2012 and served Parliament diligently.

In his tribute, the Leader of Government Business, Hon. Mathew Sahr Nyuma described the Hon P.C. as Chairman of “Omega Peace Initiative”, and recalled that, the seriously sicked PC was a good traditional Leader. He commended him for his contributions to national development. “PC you are seriously sick” he disclosed and gave him a salute. He recalled a prophecy delivered by the seriously sicked Hon. P.C. about him, that has come to reality today and also expressed appreciation to him for several peaceful deliberations he had rendered for MPs.
The Honourable Leader described the Honourable P.C. as a true patriot of Kono. He prayed for him and advised the family to continue to keep his illness. He finally disclosed that before his terminal illness, he believed in investing in people.

On behalf of the opposition, the All People’s Congress (APC), Hon. Amadu Kanu said in solemnity that, the sickly Chief was generous and unique in leadership. He recalled that the Honourable Paramount Chief’s Omega Initiative was mainly about preaching peace and many people were members. According to him, through the Hon. PC initiative, a lot of achievements were made. “The PC was a unifier” he revealed and asked the family to be patient with his illness and be prayerful.

In his tribute, the Leader of C4C, Hon. Saa Emerson Lamina said the P.C was his dear friend. He recalled from his study in the UK Library, where he came to know how powerful the seriously sicked PC lineage was in terms of war and partition of Africa. He recalled several interactions he had with the very sick Honourable Paramount and also his development strides including the construction of schools, feeder roads, and Infrastructures. “He would call over here, when there is a debate that favors Kono District” he informed and went on to recall P.C Kaimachande’s generosity and other attributes including unifying people.

While giving his tribute, the Paramount Chief Member representing Council of Paramount Chiefs in Kono District, Hon. P.C. Sahr Youngai Kontaday Mbriwa II recalled that the news of the terminally ill PC was received with sadness. On behalf of his colleague Paramount of Kono, he gave a brief account of the traditionally sick Hon. P.C and their historical and family-friendship. He recalled how powerful their ancestors were as well as friendly and powerful during the Pre-colonial days. “He was a man with fine qualities” he disclosed and said that, that made him very unique and extraordinary.

On behalf of all Honourable Paramount Chiefs Representatives in Parliament, Hon. P. C. Bai Kurr Kanagbaro Sanka Ill expressed in tears that the sick PC was a very close friend. According to him, the terminally ill chief used to befriend all classes of people irrespective of status. He went on to describe the P. C. Kaimachande as a great man with experience before his terminal sickness. “I feel so low” and recalled their jokes. He used the opportunity to pray for the state to have people like the terminally sicked P.C. who was not tribalistic, regional, and dishonest.

On behalf of the family, the Chiefdom Speaker from Kono, Aiah Kamanda described his brother as friendly, developmental, and generous. “May his sick soul rest in perfect peace” he ended the tribute.

Son of the Ill Chief Sahr Kaimachande in tears said he could not explain how much his father means to him and went on to say, his father was an embodiment of hope and all. According to him, his father was disciplined and they were able to instill good characters. He said in solemnity, “passing is a democracy, but when it happens what kind of legacies those gone may leave”. He related his education to his father’s support and good character. “My father was the greatest man I have ever met” he concluded and advised the family to be patient with his father’s illness.

His close friend, Hon Philip T. Tondoneh who doubles as Deputy Minister of Works recalled their friendship several years ago. He also spoke about the origin of their peaceful initiative, Omega. “I know he was political and loves SLPP” he recalled the sick Hon. P.C. ascending to power and their debates in Parliament. He said the chief was a character that was not easy to identify and also spoke about his development initiative. “He was very wise and highly intelligent” he recalled and spoke about the PC’s relationship with President Bio and Vice President Jalloh.

On his part, Hon. Rado Yokie said it was difficult to say goodbye to a loved one and advised the family not to weep like unbelievers. He said the Chief was SLPP, but never demonstrated it in the Well especially during debates and spoke about his strong relationship with their party and Omega Initiative generosity. If man could judge a man, he said “He is seated on the right-hand side of God”.

The laying of wreaths climaxed the ceremony.

Parliamentary and Public Relations Department
Parliament of Sierra Leone



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