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As FGM Practitioners Declare Abu Bakarr Turay, His Wife Wanted………. Their Lives are Under Threat.

Report reaching this medium from Lunsar town in the Northern part of Sierra Leone has revealed that one Abu Bakar Turay and his wife Ismatu Kamara has flee and escaped for their lives when Poro women in Lunsar town declared him and his wife wanted.
Source closed to Abu Bakarr Turay disclosed that, he and his wife went to attend the funeral ceremony of Mammy Kadie, his wife’s mother at Lunsar town when FGM Practitioners arrested his wife, Ismatu Kamara and forcefully taken her away to be the next head of the Sowe Unit as per tradition.
The source further revealed that, Abu Bakarr Turay break into the Poro bush and succeeded in saving the life of his wife Ismatu Kamara.
It is well known that entering the Poro/Bondo bush by non-member is a taboo in Sierra Leone and the penalty is death.
Youths and the Head of traditional ceremony, Ya-Sampa Sankoh in an interview disclosed that Abu Bakarr Turay, narrowly escaped from death after being caught entering the sacred bush. As a result of that, this medium investigated the matter and we discovered that Ismatu Kamra’s mother was the head of the FGM (Sowe) unit and since she is dead, she must be succeeded by her 19 years old daughter, Ismatu Kamara , source revealed also that Abu Bakarr Turay is from a religious home and his father is a highly respected elder of a church in Lunsar.
Report further stated that Abu Bakarr Turay was assaulted, tortured and left to struggle for his life, and a reputable religious family has now been a subject of mockery in Lunsar town, adding that Abu Bakarr Turay adding that since that time to date, the way about of both Abu Bakarr and Ismatu are unknown.
Some community stakeholders in Lunsar town have revealed to this medium that, Abu Bakarr Turay and his wife will be killed if seen.
The traditional head of the Lunsar community, Pa Alimamy Soko also told this medium that they have reported the issue to their counterparts in the surrounding and he threaten that they would make sure that Abu Bakarr Turay and his wife who are currently on the run pay with their lives.

He said that they have also secured a warrant of arrest for the arrest of Abu Bakarr Turay and his wife Ismatu Kamara. The Poro/Bondo Stakeholders have declared them wanted and if seen both will be kill.



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