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Federation of Community Health Workers Supports Suckling Mothers


 The Federation of Community Health Workers situated at 135 Kissy Road on Saturday 23rd April 2020 donated tins of powdered milk to suckling mothers from five communities in the Western Urban Area of Freetown.

The donation ceremony took place at the Susan Bay Community Health Center. And the UK-based Director, Madam Lilian Rogers also witnessed the ceremony. 

 In her address, the Nutritionist attached to the DHMT office at Cline Town, Madam Jeneba Kamara stressed the need for women to have a well-balanced diet. She also admonished them to always exercise and do regular medical checkups during and after pregnancy. Madam Jeneba Kamara also highlighted the risk of not having proper diets, lack of exercise, and medical examinations, she noted that both mothers and babies are at risk. She also told pregnant women to eat fruits and vegetables regularly and not to only depend on rice.

“All suckling mothers must breastfeed their babies for a duration of 24 months,” she said, stressing that during that period babies should not be given water except in a situation where the medical officer would advise. Madam Kamara said that this is helpful for the babies. She noted that all suckling mothers should ensure that they breastfeed their babies on both sides for an hour.

The Director of the Federation, Madam Lilian Roger, based in the United Kingdom said that the psychology of breeding babies is to show profound love and care to babies. She assured me that her federation is committed to assisting the needs of suckling mothers. Madam Agnes Derick Lebby, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of Community Health Workers in her message via audio from London, thanked the workers for supporting the work of the federation. She also expressed satisfaction for their relentless service to humanity. She assured pregnant women and suckling mothers of their continual support.



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