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Lamin Merciful Foundation Supports The Needy

The UK-based charitable organization; Lamin Merciful Foundation has fed over one thousand six hundred Sierra Leoneans since 2016 on a monthly basis in Kenema, Makeni Western Urban/Rural, and for Bo twice a month.

Mr. Lamin Bangura, the Chief Executive Officer speaking to this medium from his UK office through mobile said the Merciful Foundation which was established in 2011 and began full operations after a thorough assessment of hunger in Sierra Leone was established as a humanitarian gesture to help the needy in area of food, education, and health.

 He said Sierra Leone witnessed its worst mortality rate owing to malnutrition from the baby born to old age. He recalled that in 2011, he visited Sierra Leone with an investor in rice production to achieve self-sustainability in the provision of our staple food-rice. He said upon touring most provincial towns, he was alarmed by the growing number of malnutrition people of all ages. He said most of the villagers have been abandoned by their youth population and leaving the old age and school children behind, while they migrate in search of jobs and other self-reliance activities to feed their families at home. He said while the rice production investment is still in the pipeline, he said most vulnerable people say they now count their days on earth because their poverty is a result of their affiliations be it political, social, religious, or ethnic. He said what was more heart-rendering during his tour was when he was reminded by an old man above eighty years who recalled that five or even six decades back, they were poor but happy as compared to today with a  lot of strings attached. He said he is convinced that the only help he can render for now is only five out of fourteen districts but is on the search for more donor inclusion to increase if not ensure that all fourteen districts have an equal share in the distribution of human necessities. The wonders that the Lamin merciful Foundation has created have given birth to the Sesay Foundation, German Based  Muslim Jamaat Foundation, and others to join in the positive contributions without an iota of political wants chorus to save humanity from hunger, starvation and even death. As he says “You don’t need to be a millionaire to do that, all you need is faith, he concluded.



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