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Africell MD Champions Sales of Affordable Phones

The Managing Director of Africell Mobile Company, Mr. Shadi Gerjawi has on Tuesday 14th June 2022, joined the Africell’s Sales and Marketing Team in selling affordable phones at the cost of twenty-five thousand leones and sim cards to members of the public.

The Managing Director of Africell, Mr. Shadi Gerjawi has described the move as part of the drive of the company to ensure that the people of Sierra Leone enjoy affordable and quality services. Serving as a Sales man, the Managing Director of Africell said that it is a golden opportunity to interact with customers and know their needs.

“We are customer centered,” lauded the Managing Director of Africell, adding that, Africell is passionate about meeting their customers and have a tête-à-tête with them. Mr. Shadi is very optimistic that through that, Africell will benefit in knowing how their customers appreciate their services.

“We have the most affordable phones in Sierra Leone,” he assured customers, stating further that they used to sell their phones at fifty thousand leones (50,000), which he describes as the cheapest as compared to others.  In supporting the people of Sierra Leone; especially those that are finding it extremely difficult to afford a phone, he said that, Africell has reduced the price of their phones to twenty five thousand leones (le25,000).

“ We want everyone to benefit from the promotion we are bringing to PWD Junction in the west end of Freetown,” he further assured, stating that, Africell is gratified that their customers appreciate the massive price reduction and the quality of the services they are providing to them.

Africell’s Customers and other people that purchased the phones and sim cards, thanked the Managing Director of Africell for prioritizing their customers in providing the best and affordable services to them.  



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