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New Recreational Facility for OSD Personnel Soon

The Director of Operational Support Division, (OSD), Assistant Inspector General of Police Francis Moses Tower, alias Delta 1 on Tuesday 19th July 2022 informed the media that he is currently constructing a multi-purpose hall at the OSD Headquarters on King Harman Road in Freetown that would serve as a recreational center and church respectively.

During a visit to the site by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. David Panda-Noah, the Assistant Inspector General of Police Francis Moses Tower informed the Minister and delegation that plans are also underway to facelift the OSD headquarters as his legacy clarifying that he is not doing it for politics.

Delta 1 has provided funds to paint the administrative buildings and changed the toilet seats in the entire offices at OSD headquarters and informed that as a civil servant he would serve the government of the day reiterating that he is not a politician and that as a professional police officer he would serve his people and country to the best of his ability devoid of tribe, religion, class, region or political affiliation.

Delta 1 is firm, disciplined, focused, God-fearing, perfect team player, result-oriented and committed to duty.

He commended his team for their commitment and dedication to duty to make sure that the country is safe and peaceful and appealed to all patriotic Sierra Leoneans to be peaceful and law-abiding irrespective of the situation as this is the only country we have in the world asserting that even if one spends decades abroad they may one day return home.



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