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Osman Kargbo Missing

The life of Osman Kargbo who was born to Sierra Leonean parents on 1st January, 2003 in the capital Freetown remains in serious danger, following his refusal to join the ‘poro’ secret society which his father and other male siblings are members.
In February, 2021 Osman’s parents without the least suspicion, took him and his siblings to his father’s village at Simbaya, Lokomasama Chiefdom, Port Loko District in the Northern-western Province of Sierra Leone to witness an occasion that lasted for a period of four days.
On the fifth day, which was 25th of February, 2021, our source added that members of the secrete ‘poro’ society went to their house and forcefully took Osman to their secrete ‘poro’ society bush known as “Gbanka” to be initiated into the ‘poro’ secrete society against his wish. The whole arrangement according to our source, was made by his parents including his two siblings because they are part of the secret “Poro” society.
Our investigation further stated that Osman was the youngest among the four who were captured and taken to the secret bush to go through formal initiation rites.
Reports say, on the following day, they took three of the boys to a different location that Osman couldn’t identify.
Few days later in captivity, in an effort to cow Osman to submission to change his mind to join the secret society, he was tied to a stick with his back laid flat on the ground and instructed him to open his eyes wide and watch the scorching sun.
Innocent Osman is reported to have been threatened by his captors that if he refused to open his eyes and watch the sun, they will cut off his fingers and give them to him as food to eat and will kill him and throw his body into the forest.
During that process, poor Osman was severely beaten by the ‘poro’ men and sustained injuries on his head and feet.
While the young man was going through the excruciating ordeal, according to our undercover source, his captors were in high ecstasy eating and drinking until midnight when they all got drunk and fell asleep.
The source revealed that Osman was crying very loud for help and as the Lord may have it, a hunter who was passing by, heard his voice and came into the ‘poro’ bush and escaped with him.
Reports have it that his rescuer took him to a clinic called “AL-amin Clinic” at Lungi for medical attention and advised him strictly not to tell the ‘poro’ secrete society men how he escaped from the “Gbanka” should he be caught. He hurriedly left him at the clinic before the day breaks. Frightened Osman who escaped for safety with nothing, borrowed a cell phone and called his friend’s father Mr. Sensie Karim to come to his rescue. Realizing the trauma the young man must have gone through, and the danger that still lies ahead of him, Mr. Karim straight away went to meet him at the hospital and remained there until he was discharged.
Later, Mr. Karim took him to his house at Magazine, in Freetown. Osman was with him when the ‘poro’ society members declared him wanted and he strictly advised him to leave the country while providing him with financial support for his immediate departure to a safe country and on March 28, 2021, Osman finally left his home country.
Meanwhile, it is understood that Osman has received a reliable information from his hideout that, the ‘poro’ society men went in search of him at his friend’s father’s house and told the man that he, Osman has committed an abomination for running away from their secret bush without going through the initiation processes and strongly promised with threat that if they ever set eyes on Osman they will kill him without mercy.



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