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SLPP Chief Imam Exposed

By Mohamed Kamara

Members of the United Council of Imams on Wednesday 27th July 2022, have condemned the audio that is currently circulating on social media describing their president  as anti-SLPP party and a dangerous character to peace and unity.

This was disclosed in an emergency meeting that was held at their Headquarters in Freetown.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Koroma, Regional Imam East has described Imam Sheriff who prefers to be addressed as SLPP Imam who also doubles as the Chairman of the SLPP Attire base at Calabatown and one Hassan Gbassay that their utterances morally not inline with the principles of Islam.

“Politicizing Islam for their own interest is a violation of the doctrine of Islam,” said Mr. Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Koroma, adding that, all 68,000 Imams registered at the council have distanced themselves from the politics of the country. He went n to say that their position is one of integrity and they are expected to play a neutral role; hence they are opened up to all humans irrespective of their background.

For the Islamic Women’s Wing in Sierra Leone, Haja Musu Bureh Lowleh from Kenema said, this is the second time that Imam Sheriff has attempted to bring politics into the world of religion. She recalled that the first disgraceful audio from Sheriff and Co. was when they equally posted an audio on social media informing that there were future moves to establish a “National SLPP Council of Imams”. She said that it is more than fanaticism as only lunatics behave that way. She said Imam Sheriff who is the protagonist has never been an Imam by category and is poorly educated in Islamic studies.

Alhaji Janneh, Deputy Imam from Kailahun District said, Dr. Mohamed Habib Sheriff was born at Luawe Chiefdom in the Kailahun District before he was awarded a student scholarship to study in Saudi Arabia University.   He disclosed that before proceeding to Saudi Arabia University, Dr. Habib earns his Bachelor, Masters and PhD Degrees in various disciplines in twelve years of academic excellence. He was employed as a Lecturer for eighteen years and was named a Missionary. While in Saudi, he said that Mr.  he wrote six books which are reference books at the Saudi Academy, back home, Dr. Habib bought a nineteen acre land at Grafton where he established a Primary, Secondary Schools and Professional and Technical College in English and another College in Islamic and Arabic Studies.

He said before his appointment on February 17, 2017 as President of the United Council of Imams, Dr. Habib, under his Mission the Maahad Aali Islamic Mission has constructed 138 Mosques in all Districts and Regions. As President of the United Council of Imams, Dr. Habib has set up an Administrative department to march with International Standards. A Library Finance Department, Education department, legal and welfare departments decentralize similar departments in all regional headquarters, He also set up a Cemetery for Imams at Masiaka and introduces a collection and banking system at all headquarters.

For Imam Mohamed Awolu, he said, Dr. Habib is a leading figure with commitment to promote Islamic activities. He said he has never spoken about politics nor interested in it either. He said his wives are Mendes and Madingoes. His passion is to preach Islam. He said the attack on Dr. Habib has no emotional stress on him. He does not feel that he should have purported enemies in delivering the message of our Creator, if he does, probably like SLPP Imam Sheriff and Hassan Gbessy. The Public Relations Officials of UCI Sheik Ibrahim Kolleh Kamara describes the Audio as Satanic and a mockery to the personality of its President Dr. Mohamed Habib Sheriff while the Secretary General Mr. Max Kanu called on the SLPP leadership to warn its Imam to refrain from such negative statement.



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