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Over 100 Sierra Leone Repatriated

By Mohamed Kamara
Over 100 Sierra Leoneans who went abroad to seek greener pastures in the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf State, have been repatriated.
Members of the public have applauded the intervention of the International Office of Migration for their financial support, reintegration to society and protect them from stigmatization.
On Friday, this medium conducted interviews with the returnees outside the Social welfare Ministry at New England Ville where they reported to take their tokens.
Mr. Yusuf Bangura, a returnee in an interview said that he paid USD 5000 for visa and air Ticket to Dubai. Upon their arrival, he said that, each of the fifty arrivals paid USD100 each for a week-long stay in an untidy hostel. The next day, he went on to say that their promoters were nowhere to be seen as they abandon them without introducing them to their employees.
“We were left with no option but to go wondering in Dubai,” he stated, adding that, they came across many Africans from other countries with same situation. He said that most of them have to sleep in abandon houses while others squeeze themselves in rooms meant for storage for goods and go hunting for food in the restaurant. He expressed that, he is delighted to come back home, stating that, he feels secured and happy to come back home.
Mr. Younkala Fofanah also called on young people not to embark on ‘Temple Run’. He further described the smugglers as very attractive but very deceitful in their games.
” The smugglers will appear well suited in coats and trousers with rented cars and portfolios in their hands,” he said, it is time to say enough is enough.
Musa Rogers from Pujehun also expressed similar sentiment.



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