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Abubakarr Bangura Wanted

The Sierra Leone Police have declared Abubakarr Bangura, a resident of 39 Waterloo, Yellow Mosque wanted for allegedly perpetrating violence during the deadly August 10 protest in Freetown and some other parts of country.
Abu Bakarr Bangura according to sources from the corridors of the C.I.D headquarters is alleged to be among the key rioters of the August 10 riot which led to the death of over 21 civilians and about six police officers is believed to be on the run and is a wanted person due to his active role he played on that fateful day.

It could be recalled that youths around Waterloo which is in the outskirt of the capital city, the East End of Freetown and other provincial headquarter towns staged an unprecedented protest against the government of President Dr. Julius Maada Bio for what they referred to as economic hardship.

As youths went on the rampage protesting against the mounting economic hardship, as according to them this unbearable hardship has crippled their lives with no hope for the future. This situation led to a bitter confrontation between protesters and security personnel which resulted to causalities on both sides.

It is alleged that Abubakarr Bangura was identified by security forces of being a member of People’s Power in Politics (PPP) the main organizers of the August 10 riot 2022.

Owing to AbuBakarr’s pivotal role in the August 10 protest, a search party was sent to apprehend him for his action, but fortunately he could not be found as his where about remained unknown.
According to intelligent report monitored by this medium within the confines of the police, Abubakarr is desperately wanted by the police for his active role in the August 10 protest. Police sources stated that the demonstration was illegal and all perpetrators who played active parts that led to the death of police officers will be held culpable for their actions.
Sources have disclosed that during the fateful day of August 10 when protesters took on to the street so many lives were taken during the 3pm curfew declared by the Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh. Sources have it that a door to door search was done by some government officials handpicking set of men and women who were shot by armed military personnel.
Some ordinary protesters were also arrested on that day and the following days and were whisked to the Pademba Road prisons without being tried in any competent court of law. Sources close to the police have disclosed that they will arrest anyone whose name will be brought up during their course of investigation. It is disclosed that police station were burnt down by some disgruntled protesters in Kamakwie as 26 innocent children were also arrested by policemen patrolling the streets of Freetown. Also police vehicles were lit to burn by these same angry protesters as it was a face to face confrontation between the police and the demonstrators.



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