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Aftermath of August 10 protest in Freetown and other places…
SLP Declares George Tarawally & Others Wanted

The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has issued a wanted notice which was signed by the head of the SLP declaring George Bai Tarawally of the main opposition APC party and over fifteen people wanted who are accused of participating in the August 10 protest.
According to the protesters, the riot was as a result of the hike in the cost of food commodities and the sufferings of the masses. The protesters were arguing that the cost of living has gone up more than forty (40) percent within few months.
George Bai Tarawally who is the Youth Leader of the main opposition APC party in Constituency 118, has been declared wanted together with one Mohamed Kamara popularly known as Med Kay who are strong members of the main opposition party in the Eastern part of Freetown and are well known for criticizing the policies of the ruling SLPP government.

However, Mohamed Kamara popularly known as Med Kay ran out of luck and was arrested and taking to the Criminal Investigations Department; whilst, George Bai Tarawally whereabouts is still unknown after some thugs attacked his resident and set his house ablaze killing his brother and leaving others in critical condition. The thugs who stormed the resident of George Bai Tarawally reportedly issued death threats remarks against the person of George Bai Tarawally by stating that they will ensure that they chop off his head.
The Interim Chairman of the main opposition APC party, Mr. Alfred Peter Conteh has stated firmly that the APC party has no hand in the August 10th Protest, contrary to what members of the ruling SLPP party are claiming that the protest was organized and sponsored by members of the APC party. The Interim Chairman of the APC party has condemned the arrest of their members and called for their unconditional release by the Sierra Leone Police. He further condemned the killings, attacks and burning down of the houses of APC supporters in the Eastern part of Freetown and other places in the country.
The report of the Sierra Leone Police states: six (6) Police Officers were killed nationwide, four (4) Police Officers were injured, 113 suspects were arrested, scores of public and private properties were destroyed and thirteen (13) civilians were killed.

“Following violent protests and demonstrations in parts of the Western Area (Rural and Urban), North-East and North West Regions on Wednesday August 10, 2022, the Media and Public Relations Department of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is taking the pains to release a preliminary report of available records, in respect of fatalities and injuries sustained by personnel and also government and police property destroyed during the violent protests and demonstrations,” SLP stated.



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