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As he is to be killed for desecrating the land… Homosexual Declared Wanted

Stakeholders of Kambia and its immediate surroundings have declared one Abdul Mansaray wanted who was caught having sexual intercourse with one Alie Conteh.

Unfortunately, Alie Conteh was killed on the spot by the villagers who were angry at the blatant violations of the norms and tradition of the Kambia District and his corpse was thrown into the bush for the birds and other animals to feed from but Abdual Mansaray manage to escape and has been declared wanted by the stakeholders of Kambia District.

According to the religious and traditional practices of Kambia District, Northern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone, anyone caught practicing homosexual should be killed for desecrating the land and their corpses should be thrown into the bush for the birds and other animals to feed from.

Our findings indicated that, seventeen years old Abdul Mansaray is an orphan who has been deserted by their family members and he is finding it extremely difficult to survive with his only sister. Since the death of their parents in a gruesome road accident, life has been challenging for both of them.

In an exclusive interview with the Paramount Chief of Kambia District, Paramount Chief Pa Foday Conteh, disclosed to this medium that members of the entire district frown at the practice of same sex or homosexual, adding that, same sex or homosexual is being considered as a taboo in the entire Kambia District and beyond. According to the tradition, Paramount Chief Pa Foday Conteh went on to say that anyone caught in the act of homosexual or same sex must be killed and the corpse should be thrown to the forest for animals to feed from.

“Such individual does not deserve to be buried by the people of the land,” adding that, anyone caught participating in the burial ceremony should also be killed. He makes it categorically clear that there is no clemency granted to anyone practicing same sex or homosexual in Kambia District. Paramount Chief Pa Foday Conteh further stated that they caught Abdul Mansaray and Alie Conteh having sexual intercourse in an unfinished building in Kambia Town. He further expressed that, it is sad that Abdul Mansaray could connive with the young man to desecrate the district with their uncontrollable sexual desire. He disclosed that Alie Conteh was killed instantly by the local people and that they are still in search of Abdul Mansaray who narrowly escaped whilst their people were upholding the norms and tradition governing the entire district.

“This is an affront to our traditional and religious practices,” said Pa Foday Conteh, adding that, he will not condole the act of homosexual under his watch. Therefore, he issued stern warning against anyone that will provide shelter or hide Abdul Mansaray from facing the justice of the land. He emphasized that the penalty of practicing same sex or homosexual is death.

In an exclusive interview with the sister of the runaway Abdul Mansaray, she has appealed to the local authorities in Kambia District to tamper justice with mercy. Jeneba Mansaray further informed this medium that, as an orphan she gets her daily survival through her elder brother Abdul Mansaray whose whereabouts she said is currently unknown. She also threatened to take her life if the authorities finally killed her brother, Jeneba Mansaray.

The family of the late Alie Conteh declined to questions posed by this medium.

As we go to press, all efforts made to get the side of Abdul Mansaray have proven futile.



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