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As parents, teachers and pupils jubilate over BECE result…

Ahmadiyya School Gets 96% Pass Rate

By Mohamed Kamara

The Principal of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Junior Secondary School, Alhaji Karimu Sesay has in an exclusive interview with this medium revealed that Ahmadiyya Junior Secondary School has scored remarkable results in all public exams since Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) was introduced in the country. 

 “For the 2022 BECE Examination, 646 pupils took the BECE Exam, 625 qualified for entrance into Senior Secondary School level,” he said. Mr. Sesay recalled that, in 2020, 810 pupils took the BECE exams, 781 passed for S.S.S 1, 2 for Technical and Vocational Canters and 27 failures which amount to 96% percent.

In 2021, BECE Exams, Ahmadiyya sent 752 candidates, 694 passed, 90 for Technical and Vocational Centers, 29 failures which amount to 94% percent. Mr. Sesay said this is due to the commitment and dedication of staff at school.   

“The school continues to meet the aspiration of both Parents and Guardians in preparing the pupils well so that they can acquire the right education that will enable them to contribute to the development of Sierra Leone,” he said, adding by stating that,  the Financial Secretary Sahr Jusu, Budget Director, Director Human Resources Management, Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, former Vice President Sam Sumana, Minister of Labour and many other outstanding citizens attended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School. He further stated that Chief Minister Jacob Jusu Saffa, and Dr. Hingo Sandy Trade Minister also taught at the great Ahmadiyya Secondary School.

On his part, Vice Principal Umar Ackmed Kamara who doubles as the Secretary General of the Old Boys Association, said that the Old Boys Association in the UK, USA and in Sierra Leone are equally contributing towards the development of the school. He said that the Old Boy’s Association which was founded in 1994 has pledged further to ensure that the legacy of the school is maintained.



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