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As Sierra Leone Standards Bureauremains Silence … Guinea Govt Bans24 hours Energy Drink

The Guinean government through the ministry of Trade, Industry and Small and Medium – Sized Enterprise has issued a directive to all Regional Inspectors, Prefectural and Municipal Directors of Trade, Industry and SMEs to seize, withdraw and destroy all 24hours energy drinks in the commercial circuit throughout the national territory.

The Guinean authority accused the company that produce the said drinks of commercial fraud Pursuant to Article 3 of Law L/003/AN/ of 04 July 2021, on Control of Food, Goods and Food Service.

The Guinean authority indicted the clandestine company behind the production of the “24 hours Energy drink” hiding behind an America Company named ‘SABEV’ to deceive the public with substandard and contaminated drinks.

The Killer Energy Drink

“24 hours Energy (production date December to the present day, volume 330 ml and 500 ml) belonging to the American Beverages Company (SABEV) Sarl and in view of the inspection report dated January 04, 2023,” the statement reads.

The government called on all Guineans to stop buying and consuming the drink and encourage all local and regional authorities to join the fight and protect the uninformed public.

The clandestine producers of the substandard and contaminated energy drinks have now transported the drink to neighbouring Sierra Leone and Liberia for sale, “24 hours Energy drink is all over Sierra Leone and the consumption is high due to its cheap price.

According to our findings, one of the biggest importers in Sierra Leone is now the sole distributor of the substandard drinks, and he is using the street hawkers to spread the drinks across the country.

The cut-rate substandard drink is currently everywhere in the country and people are going in for it due to its low price, and our authorities are doing nothing about it. The high consumption of the drink is alarming, especially in Freetown and the provincial towns and villages.

Many Sierra Leoneans are now questioning the relevance of the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau, the agency responsible for coordinating Standardization and Quality Management activities in Sierra Leone, and the Customs and Excise Department for allowing such substandard and contaminated drinks into the country.

24hours energy drink is a health ruin drink that is now spreading all over Sierra Leone. One consumer stated after drinking the drink and started experiencing some serious stomach aches and sickness.

One street hawker who speaks to this medium on condition of anonymity stated that she was selling the drink every day, but she stopped when her customers started complaining about their health any time they consume the drink.

This is not the first time substandard and contaminated foods and drinks are making their way into Sierra Leone, and this latest one is something the authority should take seriously.



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