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Corporate Scandal Hits Zenith Bank Sierra Leone

One of the Nigerian Banks operating in Sierra Leone, Zenith Bank has been accused of killing entrepreneurship and top businesses that are operating with the bank; due to poor managerial skills in doing business with their customers.

The bank is currently battling with a corporate scandal of bullying their customers and bad customer relationship. As a result, top businesses that are banking with the Zenith Bank have threatened to close their accounts with them and sue the Managing Director for violation of the banking act.

These aggrieved customers have described the Zenith Bank as not being fair to them in terms of maintaining good customer relationship.

“I am disappointed with the way and manner top management staff of the Zenith Bank are treating us,” one of the aggrieved customers stated, adding further by threatening to stop doing business with the bank.

More customers have also accused the Zenith Bank of blackmailing them by stalling their business transactions on the basis of trivialities.  This issue has also angered some business tycoons who have been ill-treated by the bank on no just cause. 

“The bank is undermining the New Direction Government policy of empowering indigenous business people by delaying the implementation of some major government projects through some senseless process”, one customer said, adding by calling for the sacking or resignation  of the Managing Director of the bank.

In response, the Head of Corporate Affairs of the Zenith Bank Madam Juliana in an exclusive interview with this medium said that Zenith Bank believes in customer satisfaction. She assured that they will investigate the issue and try to engage those that are aggrieved to resolve the matter amicable



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