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Critical Outlook… Last Christmas to Elections

By Mustapha Bayoh

This is the last Christmas before the 2023 multitier elections, What is eminent like previous elections is that the tone among Sierra Leoneans will have diversified ways to ponder.

For those aspiring for political symbols, whether at home or aboard, it’s time to engage communities on implemented projects it could be bridges, drainages, materials and logistics, cash and above all zonal Football Competitions at community or district levels.  The behavior of some politicians who had the money to do but can only do so at a given time for a particular purpose is not nationalistic. Many people have considered the act of using development for favor by politicians as very detrimental to our national development. Most people are now anticipating that this year’s Christmas celebration will full of fun and merriment. It is no fun that those who will pour in from develop countries with a pack load of dollars if attempted to vie for any political position will be hailed.

This is where the conflict lies, the locals who have struggled to raise the hopes of their neighbors in bad times are now seem as enemies, that is why many people believe that the Diasporas and local community aspirants are always in clash with each other. The truth is that, the ordinary men is now used by both to be the messenger, spreading unconfirmed information just to gain grounds in winning the elections. Their aim is to paint white into blue and yellow into pink. We are too weak to say no and with all our energy we say yes against our wish.

As a Sierra Leonean, I am not expecting anyone to copy my example, my pity is that Sierra Leone is one of the few countries where some government officials are the most deceitful.

This Christmas unlike before will surely be merry with all types of political rhetoric while in other nations you will only think of elections when they are in the corner. One ridicule element in our everyday lives is complex, we grace the ungraceful and ungraced the graceful.

In Sierra Leone, unlike other nations of the world, Men and women are unnecessarily given the throne because of acquired wealth.

 In other nations, little admiration is required to acquire wealth and is synonymous to many questions and use as a hook to blasphemy the populace who in turn react with an attitude of servitude. If only you can know the meaning of Christmas tokens nearing to the electioneering period, you will turn your backs to make your right choice.



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