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Dauda Blaq Donates 10,000 Litres Water Tank to Rock Stone Community

By Mohamed Kamara

 Community Activist and Developer, Mr. Dauda Blaq Kamara donated a 10,000 water tank to the Rock Stone community at Constituency 123 before his departure to the USA in the presence of community stakeholders, youths, and residents.

The donation has been described as timely, noting the crisis of water in and around the Capital City of Freetown.

In his encounter with this medium, Mr. Blaq Kamara said politics aside, he donated the water tank from a humanitarian point of view geared to serve the interest of residents of the Rock Stone irrespective of their political or otherwise affiliation. He said residents of the Rock Stone Community walk miles away to fetch water and highlighted that pregnant and suckling mothers, the sick, and the old age are suffering.

“Some who cannot walk long distances to fetch water would prefer to cut their domestic income to purchase water from youths at Le 5000 per five-gallon,” he said, describing the situation as very bad for those that cannot afford it. He called on other Sierra Leoneans to give their support to the country, noting that, this is what is called patriotism.

In receiving the donation, Mr. Ibrahim Bangura Aka Coach thanked Mr. Blaq for the donation. He went on to say that the Millar tank will go a long way in supporting their Constituency and beyond.  He added that it will relieve them greatly from the suffering of fetching water at a long distance.  He said Mr. Dauda Blaq is no stranger to Constituency 123 and beyond. He recalled that Mr. Dauda Blaq has done similar gestures in other communities.  He also described Mr. Dauda Blaq as a development-orientated individual without borders. On behalf of the women of the community, Mrs. Sia Koroma, a state Nurse thanked Mr. Blaq for his donation; she noted that women suffered most whenever Guma Water Company closes its pipe waters. She said as a nurse, the shortage of water in any community will provoke a lot of unhygienic threats to humans. She said Mr. Blaq has secured a place in their hearts as a true patriot with a humanitarian objective focused on our daily necessities. The Water Tank is now installed at no. 23 Havelock Street off Mountain Cut.



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