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DoFA to Host Old Age Beauty Contest

By Mohamed Kamara

The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Dorwontong Organization for the Old Age situated at No. 10 Albert Street in Freetown, Madam Doreen Barrie has revealed in an exclusive interview with this media that her organization will organize a beauty contest for the Old Age.

She added that the beauty contest caters for people of the age of 60 years and above. She went on to say that the event will be held on Saturday 22nd October 2022, at the City Hall in Freetown. She said, her organization which was established in 2022 is geared towards protecting the old age and ensure that they live a happier life.

She said they have three houses at Grafton and another at Kroo Bay where old people reside with a lot of affordable humanitarian gestures accorded to them by DoFA staff and volunteer staff.

Madam Doreen pointed out that they have visited provincial towns and districts and it is no secret that the number of old age is growing. She said each one of us is praying to reach the old age circle but we should not forget to ask ourselves who will care for us when we  fell within the category of old age. She said government institutions like NASSIT and NaCSA should include the old age care in their gestures to the young ad youthful community to close the gap of poverty, psycho-social effects, loneliness and dismay which makes the old to begin to count their days to die.

She urged our Parliamentarians not to hesitate to pass laws for the Old Age to benefit from medical and other social services. She lamented the fact that in other countries of the World, the Old Age are reunited in public places, go on tours, and visit recreational places and being entertained by cultural or modern music musicians. She said she knew it is not easy to create public awareness but he stressed the need for concerted efforts towards empowering the aged.   

“At City Hall on October 22, 2022, there will be a lot of activities full of attraction and the ticket to help the Organization growing is Le 50,000 for Ordinary and Le 100,000 for the VIP seats,” adding that, there will be prices for the first and second such as bags of rice and other gifts.



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