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IPCB Receives 417 Complaints Against Police

By Mohamed Kamara

The Spokesman for the Independent Police Complaint Board (ICPB), Mr. Amadu Femoh Sesay has disclosed to this medium that, they have received a total of four hundred and seventeen complaints made against police officers nationwide.

“Since the IPCB was established in 2014, we have received 417 complaints, 292 have been concluded and 232 are under investigations,” disclosed Mr. Femoh Sesay, adding that, these are complaints received from members of the public for alleged misconduct of police officers.

He further stated that the IPCB comprises a chairman, representatives from the Human Rights Commission, Sierra Leone Bar Association, Anti-Corruption Commission, Inter-Religious Council, Police Council and a Retired -Police Officer. He continued by stating that the IPCB does not give verdict on cases but rather makes recommendations to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). He said that the IPCB is mandated to investigate and makes recommendations to the appropriate authorities, stating further that, a fatal road accident in which a police vehicle is involved, a shooting incident where a police officer has discharged a fire arm or killed a person, incident of injustice, assault or wrong doing caused by police officer, allegations of misconduct involving police officers.

The Communication Officer said since the establishment of the IPCB, which started full operation in 2014, members of the general public are well informed about the activities of the Board.



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