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Kingho Mining Company Donates Additional 100 Bags of Cement to Makeni Military Hospital Construction

Kingho Mining Company, a subsidiary of Leone Rock Metal Group has on Tuesday 30th August 2022 done an additional donation of one hundred (100) bags of cement to the construction of a level 2 hospital in the Military 4th Infantry Brigade, Teko Barracks, Makeni City, northern regional headquarter of Sierra Leone
The donation is the second made so far to that project. It could be recalled that late last year, the company also donated a batch of cements during the official launch of the project by the Honorable Minister of Defense.
The presentation of the second batch of cement was done on behalf of the company by Ansu Momoh, Deputy Community Manager of Kingho Mining Company, who spoke about the role the Military is playing in guaranteeing a stable environment for the people of the region, as well as a peaceful environment for the investors, and also expressed joy to see the buildings erected so far. He recalled that few months ago when he attended the official launch of the project, the vicinity was just a piece of land. But with the support from various Sierra Leoneans, the military has been able to reach a very progressive stage in the construction of their regional hospital.

Kingho Mining officials and military personnel check progress of the hospital construction

Responding to the donation, the Brigade Commander of Teko Barracks, Brigadier General Haidara Bangura expressed satisfaction to all and sundry for the commitment to the hospital construction project. He said the donation made by Kingho Mining Company is timely and shows that the company is committed to supporting sustainable projects in the health sector of Sierra Leone. Brigadier General Haidara Bangura further said that the hospital is projected to be equipped with labour ward, operation theatre, mortuary as well as a modernized pharmacy that will provide for the health needs of not only officials at the Teko Barracks but also for residence of Makeni City and by extension the entire region.
The military head in Teko Barracks thanked Sierra Leoneans and particularly Kingho Mining Company for being passionate and cognisant of the health care delivery of the people of Sierra Leone and its support to the government’s agenda of a healthy Sierra Leonean society.



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