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LUC Moijue Uses A Stone to Kill 2 Birds

The Local Unit Commander (LUC) of Central Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Abdul Moijue while using the Carrot approach in the fight against Kush, warned against illegal protest.

Addressing stakeholders from all works of life on the need for a holistic approach to end the Kush menace, LUC Moijue also call on them to help the SLP in cascading the no violence campaign to their various constituents.

“We are gathered here today, for a sensitisation and awareness on the dangerous effects of kush on our youthful population and to map out ways that can end it but let me also use this opportunity to urged you all in helping the Police to cascade our stance against illegal demonstrations especially the June 19” he said

Some of the kush victims the Commander said maybe prominent people in the future for which they must be protected now.

Those selling kush he said should be mindful that they are not only destroying the children of others but the future of this nation.

On the part of the June 19 protest, LUC Moijue catalogue the 3Gs including God, Government and Gun.

“After God Na Government enh after Government, Na Gun” said the LUC in a local parlance.

He therefore warned those planning on uprising and toppling of government to desist and work towards a better nation.



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