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Lungi Bridge to Commence End Of 2023

By Mohamed Kamara

The Minister of Works and infrastructure Peter Bayuku Conteh in an exclusive interview with this medium said that the contract to commence the feasibility studies for the construction of the long awaited Lungi Bridge linking Freetown and Lungi have been signed with a reputable expertise company and it will commence its survey at the end of 2023. 

He disclosed that the Bridge Construction was not in President Bio’s Manifesto but the President has seen the worth and necessity to construct the bridge.

He went on to state that their first attempt to hold talks with a contractor was nullified because the charge was one billion two hundred million United States dollars. He said that the government’s position was that the charges could not be agreed upon unless the government received the feasibility plans from their technical group to assess the cost. He said that the government of Sierra Leone will not pay the money in cash as the contract will be on a “Duty of Transfer” basis.

The Minister further disclosed to this medium about a significant improvement in the construction of Trunk, Township and feeder roads around the country, “46 miles long road between Bo and Bandajuma has been rehabilitated,” he noted. The construction of the Bandajuma – Mano River Bridge and other Major bridges, The Moyamba Junction – Moyamba Town Road, With four bridges and the Pendembu Kailahun Road, with four lanes, The Hill Side Bye Pass Road, The Bo – Tikonko Road, Lumley Tokeh Rad will be handed to the government on March 2023, Limkokwing Regent Road have also been either rehabilitated or constructed.

He said NaCSA constructed five roads in five districts and the African Development Bank and the World Bank are funding almost all of the projects. The Minister said the remaining roads will equally start construction in 2023, He said his Ministry is also involved in the construction of Schools and Hospitals equally so takes care of all government assets. 



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