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Over poor road construction… Pavi Fort Disappoints SLRA

By Mohamed Kamara

The investigative team of this medium, accompanied by concern vehicle owners, motorists, tricycle riders have counted over twenty pot-holes left behind by the Pavi Road Construction Company which was hired by the Sierra Leone Road Authority to reconstruct the road at the Ferry Junction vicinity which was in bad form.

The private road constructors say the blame should go to the road engineers at SLRA who did not perform well in their after work monitoring service.

Some vehicle owners say the rest of the road leading from Up-Gun to Bombeh and from the Milla Company main gate which was constructed over decades by the German-owned Wahman Abu is still in perfect condition as compared to that constructed by Pavi just few weeks ago.

Mr. Abu Karamba, a vehicle owner recalled that the Bio Administration has terminated the previous contracts given to private constructors and that only SLRA has the mandate to offer contracts to construction companies; especially for feeder roads. He express worries over the management of road funds and called on the government to intervene.



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