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Police Declares Sheku Sankoh Wanted

Reports reaching this medium reveals that a popular footballer by the name of Sheku Sankoh, playing for Real Mac FC, has been declared wanted by the Sierra Leone Police for allegedly escaping Justice, after escaping from police custody, whilst being hospitalized and receiving medical attention for injuries sustained from mob justice meted out on him and his partner, after being caught in the act of homosexuality.

According to our source, Sheku Sankoh, residing at number 88 Regent Road, Lumley, was in his room having sex with a male partner known as Samba Kamara, at around 6:00 pm in the evening of 22nd May 2019, when his step mother suddenly entered his room to collect her phone, which was on charge in the room and met both men naked, having sex. Shocked by what she saw, she then raised an alarm, which brought neighbor and youths around the vicinity rushing into the house. It was revealed that these angry youths upon witnessing the sight, grabbed both Sambaa and Sheku, dragged them out of the house and gave them heavy beating. Our source further disclosed that other youths passing by, joined in the beating. Samba is said to have gone unconscious, and both of them were only rescued by the police, who were called by a neighbor to the scene.
According to hospital sources, it was disclosed that both men were brought to the Lumley government hospital by some police officers, in the evening of 22nd May 2019, and one police officer was then stationed at the entrance of Sheku’s hospital room to guard him, whilst the unconscious Samba was taken to the intensive care unit at the hospital, where he being put on an oxygen machine, as he was unconscious. It was further stated that whilst Samba was unconscious and taken to the intensive Care Unit, Sheku was conscious, but badly beaten and bleeding all over. Nurses further explained that they were regularly at Sheku’s bedside for two days, as he was in heavy pain and crying all the time. They furthered that on the third day, as they observed that he had stopped crying after taking medication, they visited him to only administer drugs to him, but added that the police guard was always by the room entrance. They also maintained that during his time of hospitalization, few people were allowed to visit him, and one such visitor was his team manager, known as Mark. He is said to have visited him on the third day in hospital.
According to hospital sources, after administering medication to him, they left him with his visitor, as there was commotion at the out-patient area of the hospital, and they all went to find out the cause of the commotion. On their return, Sheku had disappeared from his bed and after serious search for him was conducted, it was discovered that he had escaped, albeit during the said commotion.
During our engagement with the police at their Lumley Police Divisional Headquarters, it was disclosed that the said police officer left to gurad Sheku, left him to stop a fight that had broken out between relatives of an injured passenger on a commercial bike and the driver of a vehicle, who had hit the bike and seriously injured both, and were brought to the hospital, where a fight then ensued between other bike riders, relative of the passenger and the driver oif the vehicle. The police maintained that their officer who was stationed to guard Sheku was the only security officer in the hospital at the time, so he was called upon to assist the hospital authorities to calm things down. On his return, he discovered that Sheku had escaped, and Sheku’s visitor, Mark, who was waiting in the hospital room for him, told them that Sheku said he was going to use the gents, and has since not returned. After the search done to find him proved futile, the police have now declared him wanted and have placed his picture on all stations, for the attention of the public for his arrest.
During our investigation, we visited the residence of Sheku and was told by family members that they had no idea that Sheku was gay, and admitted seeing him together with Samba Kamara, his friend, and only thought that as a footballer, he was one of his closest friends and fans. They confirmed that he was caught in the act by his step mother, who had left her phone in his room to charge and had gone out to visit her friend nearby, and on her return, she went directly to Sheku’s room to collect her phone, as she was about to go out with her friend, and met this demonic scene.
Family sources say that such acts are demonic and not tolerated in their family, and Sheku’s involvement was a big disgrace to the family name. They even wished that he had been killed by the mob. Sheku’s Uncle, Mr Sankoh, in a very angry mood, explained that he is a senior Islamic Cleric and a respected man in the community, and will not tolerate such a person in his home. He furthered that if he was at home, he would have killed him. When asked whether since Sheku’s escape, he came to the house, the furious uncle walked off, but other family members say that they only knew that he had escaped when the police came looking for him at their house, and have since not seen him.
Same sex relationships are not allowed in the country’s law, and anyone found engaged in such acts is arrested and taken before the court and when convicted will spend over 40 years in prison. Campaigners for the legalization of same sex relationships have been met with fierce resistance from the public, as well as religious bodies, who see such acts as satanic and demonic and should not be tolerated in the country. According to our source, several youths caught in same sex relationships have either been killed or escaped. Some have simply disappeared, and their communities have seen their death or disappearance as good riddance, as such people were considered evil and demon possessed and should not be allowed to live among humans, because they bring a curse to the whole family and community. The family is then stigmatized and looked at as evil family.
As we go to press, the whereabouts of Sheku is unknown.
Unfortunately, his partner Samba Kamara, when he gained consciousness, was charged and brought to court. He is said to have died shortly whilst in detention at the main prison in Freetown, allegedly from his injuries.



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