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Press Secretary Defends First Lady

By Mohamed Kamara

The Press Secretary to President Julius Maada Bio, Dr. Yusuf Keketoma on Thursday September 29th 2022 informed journalists at the usual Press Briefing organized by the Ministry of Information and Communication that the First Lady Fatima Bio comments on an address to Sierra Leoneans in New Jersey, USA that President Bio has a P.h.D Degree in COUP D/ETAT operations when translated literarily is a metaphor.

Keketoma said it is no secret that in the world of Academia, there is no university globally that awards Degrees in that discipline nor does it exist as a curriculum either. He said in relation to the First Lady’s comments which he insists has been misinterpreted was simply one that sends a clear message to all those who organized the August 10 uprising in the form of protest to desist from henceforth and respect our constitutional integrity which gives President Bio the executive powers to rule and that any opposition Party which feels aggrieved on any issue pertaining national interest has the right to summon the Government in a dialogue but not to take up a rebellion without the consents on the stipulated constitution.

He recalled that when President Bio and his colleagues overthrow in 1992, this was because Sierra Leone was at war with invading rebels from neighboring Liberia and the then government failed to give material and logistic support to the Army in the border towns and their lives were at risk including the lives and properties of those at home. He added, that was why there was a countrywide support for the bloodless coup in 1996. He further stated that, because of his weakness to continue with the ideology to install transparency and accountability to the Nation, President Bio decided to unseat Valentine Strasser again without no Bloodshed. Keketoma added that, this was why the First Lady metaphorically said “President Bio has a PhD in coups”. He lauded that President Bio has the experience to counter any attempted coup in his reign.



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