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Taking Treatment In Hospital… James Bangura Escapes From Police Custody

Report filed by our correspondence in Rural Freetown, indicates that one James Bangura, a suspect arrested for homosexuality, and in Police custody, has escaped and at large, and is being sought for by the police. James Bangura is said to have been undergoing medical treatment for injuries inflicted on him by community youths after he was caught in the act of same sex, and was later taken to the police for further investigations.

According to police sources, James Bangura was brought into the station by the family of one Osman Jalloh, on allegation that he had introduced a demonic practice to their son, and was caught in the act in his room. It was further disclosed that when he arrived at the station, he was helpless and bleeding all over, so they issued him a medical form for medical attention at the nearest hospital. One police officer was detailed at his bedside at the hospital while he was being observed by the medical staff.

They furthered that a commotion took place at the hospital, in which their officer, who was the only police personnel on the scene to help cool down the situation, and in that process, James is said to have escaped. The police say that they have alerted all their units around the area and the city about his escape, and that they will catch him and make him face justice.

Our correspondent in the Grafton Community, where James Bangura resides, went on a fact-finding mission to the home of the Bangura family. He spoke to the Step-Mother of James Bangura, Aminata Fofanah, who explained that James was never like this, and simply changed after returning from a trip in Ghana. She explained that on that fateful day, James Bangura’s father, Bai Sheka Bangura, a devout Muslim and senior Cleric at the Grafton Mosque, had gone to the Mosque, where he was to have a meeting with elders, and that she too had gone to the market. But that the things she went to buy was expensive, and she had to return early to collect some money and go back to buy them.

She furthered that on her arrival at the house, she collected the money, and decided to inform James that she was going out again. It was while she opened the door of James’ room, which was not closed, that she saw him and one Osman, stark naked engaged in sexual intercourse. She maintained that she was shocked and shouted, which brought neighbors and youths around the vicinity rushing to the house to help. They too discovered both men naked, and they the pounced on them, dragging them out of the house into the street, where other youths joined them to beat them.

Madam Aminata maintained that James’ father was called to the scene from the mosque, followed by the elders. His father is said to have been extremely angry, as this was a big disgrace to the family name and his reputation, and could even mean his suspension from his role as Imam of the Mosque. Osman’s family is said to have also alerted about the incident, and their intervention led to the arrest of James Bangura. She confirmed that when James was taken to the police, he was bleeding all over, and seemed helpless. Asked whether she felt sorry for him, she said that no one in the family felt sorry for him, as he had brought disgrace to them, and a stigma that will hunt them for ages to come.
Hospital sources say that when James was brought to the facility, he looked helpless, and was hurriedly given a bed and treatment was being given to him, whilst being observed. They furthered that a police officer was assigned to his bed to ensure that he does not leave the hospital.

They also confirmed that a fracas took place at the entrance to the building of the hospital between some commercial bike riders and a commercial bus driver, over an accident that had just taken place, with the former desperately trying to damage the bus driver in retaliation for the injury inflicted on one of their riders, and this prompted them to call for the help of the police who was watching over James. They also confirmed that after the fracas was settled, they then discovered that James had sneaked out of the hospital, and all efforts by both the police and nurses to find him proved futile. They furthered that the police command at Grafton, then arrived at the scene and took statements from all of them.

Friends of James spoken to say that they had no idea that he was gay, and explained that the police have mounted a man-hunt for him and when caught, he will have to spend a long time in Jail. They furthered that since news of the escape of James from the hospital, no one has been able to see him, and all known places that he has frequented have all been combed to no avail. His whereabouts at the moment are still unknown.
Same sex in Sierra Leone is illegal and anyone caught in the practice faces long jail term, that is if they are lucky, but if the community catches him or her, they implement mob justice, which eventually leads to their deaths. Such deaths are no investigated, as they are looked at as good riddance from society.

Even advocates of same sex often find themselves under threats of death and attacks by community people. Both religious faiths (Christianity and Islam), including traditional practices, condemn the practice as demonic and should not be encouraged. Discussions about LGBT matters are taboo, and not encouraged in public. In rural communities, it is worse, as the community often take measures that results in the death of the perpetrator. In some traditional societies, anyone found to be gay or lesbian is sent to a native doctor with the aim of exorcizing the demon from them, which included administering concoctions that often result in their deaths.
As we go to press the whereabouts of James Bangura are still unknown, and the police say that they will do all they can to find him, as such people are not fit to be among civilized people, they stressed



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