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The opening ceremony of the 27th session of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference (COP27)

Sharm El-Sheikh,Egypt- 6 November 2022

Today is the official opening of the annual climate change gathering with a somehow quiet schedule that includes a few side meetings, as the world leaders’ summit will commence on Monday 7 November 2022.

It is expected that, as world leaders would assemble at the World Leaders Summit on Monday, 7 November 2022, they would demonstrate how best they have measured up against last year’s goals. The conference brings together people around the world to explore strategies for sustained progress.

The first day of the climate implementation summit as host Egypt dubbed includes meetings of groups of Convention (COP27), Kyoto Protocol (CMP17), and Paris Agreement bodies (CMA4).

The conference kicks off with clarion calls on wealthy nations to include an agenda item to support poorer nations mostly vulnerable to climate change. This relates to loss and damage compensation funds to be provided by rich nations to vulnerable lower-income countries that bear little responsibility for global warming emissions but are exposed to its devastating consequences.

At today’s plenary, Delegates from more than 150 countries  have begun a two-weeks  negotiation process by approving the conference agenda with all eyes on wealthier nations agreeing  to have the creation of a dedicated loss and damage  finance facility (compensation) on the agenda.

In a post on his official Facebook page, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi expressed pride and honour over the start of COP27 in Egypt. The president said that the conference is being held at a very sensitive and crucial time when the world is “faced with existential and unprecedented crises that impact our planet’s survival and (humanity’s) ability to live in it.”

Outgoing president of COP26 in Glasgow,  Alok Sharma, CMP16 and CMA3 ,  handed over the presidency of the annual climate gathering to Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shoukry who is officially president of COP27, CMP17 and CMA4.

COP27 presidency will present 14 initiatives that aim at addressing equitable energy transition, agriculture, food security, water security, climate adaptation, and sustainable cities. Six of the 14 initiatives to be proposed by the presidency have a clear focus on Africa, and two more include Africa in their aims.

Sameh Shoukry, COP27 president, started his speech highlighting the climate incidents that have impacted several areas worldwide, most recently in the floods in Pakistan as well as African and European countries.

“ We have witnessed during this year painful events in Pakistan, the African continent and various parts of Europe and America. All these events and the destruction and impact represent a lesson to be learned and alarm all over the planet … to invite us to more precaution, and to act quickly to take all necessary measures as per our commitments and pledges ,” he said.

Shoukry underscored the necessity of the participation of non-state actors, including private sector, banks, international finance institutions, civil society, youth associations, indigenous associations, and others — for the sake of an efficient implementation of pledges.

” We have to change our approach to this existential threat. We have to work diligently and honestly and listen to one another and to the concerns of other parties and understand them, and we also have to work to reach consensual solutions that can be implemented,” COP 27 Shoukry said.

COP27 President Shoukry further highlighted several obstacles in the way of climate change efforts, saying “climate change-related efforts over the past decades were remarkably polarised, which has slowed down progress of the negotiations … and the current mobilisation efforts have raised many concerns, that the $100 billion a year pledge has not yet been honoured.”

The session disclosed that the currently available financing focuses on curbing emissions, not adaptation efforts and most of the financing is based on loans.

It is worth noting that over 3000 international journalists, media and TV professionals are covering COP27 from Sharm El-Sheikh.

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 Mohamed B. Kallon

 Information Attaché

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 The Arab Republic of Egypt





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