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The State of Sanitation in Freetown

By: Juliana E. Kabba

Sanitation in Freetown has been an issue of great controversies. Many people have apportioned blame on authorities of the country for the poor state of sanitation in the country. Some have also considered it as a societal problems and the lack of adequate policies to address the menace to society. 

Both the Central Government and the Freetown City Council have attributed the poor state of sanitation in Freetown due to shortages of vehicles, personnel, finance and lack of discipline by Freetonians to maintain a healthy environment.

The rates at which dirt are liter in the capital city of Freetown has posed a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of people in the country. 

Many people have questioned whether a private company like Masada is really up to the task of carrying out the duty of maintaining a healthy and clean Freetown. Some people are also of the view that it is due to the lackadaisical attitude of management and staff of Masada that has relegated the city to an unkempt and unhealthy city.

The poor drainages in the city is also a cause for concern. Many causalities in Freetown is due to the poor drainages. Many people have lost their lives, properties worthy millions of leones have been swept by the rains due to poor drainages facilities.  

So where actually lies the problem?

Some will say it is an institutional problem whilst other would it is lack of discipline by Freetonians to do what is right.

In the midst of this controversies it is prudent for authorities that are concerned to step up their game to maintain a healthy and a clean city that all of us will be so proud of and also for Freetonians to be discipline in maintaining law and order. 



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