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To curb corruption… Lands Ministry Distributes Land to Staff

By Mohamed Kamara

Confirm sources from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning have indicated on Thursday November 17th 2022 to this media that, the Ministry of Land has distributed land free of charge to its over three hundred staff at the Western Rural District.

The exercise is aimed at curbing Corruption at the Ministry of Land.

The sources said since the appointment of Dr. Turad Senesie to the Ministry of Land, there has been significant development that has benefited the ordinary citizens who could not have had the means to afford land. The sources said since the Ministry was established after Independence in 1961, this is the first time that a Minister  has held a land raffle for the Civil and Public Servants, Media and the General Public.

The sources said the initiative came at a time when the population is increasing daily and it is affecting the Western Urban/Rural Districts. The sources further that, in a couple of years from now, decentralization will be a great focus for authorities hence improve school system, markets, community centers, hospital  and other social amenities will be made affordable.

The sources added that, since Dr. Turad took over the Ministry, he has made a lot of dramatic professional changes and that could be the factor why the general public have renew confidence at the Lands Ministry. The sources said Dr. Turad accompany his professional staff to the site to ensure commitment and effectiveness, stating further that, Dr. Turad does not give praises nor condemnations on tribal or political links and that is why everyone loves to work with him.



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