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Tourism Minister Bids Farewell to Chinese Ambassador, Commends His Embassy’s Support to the Ministry

Sierra Leone’s Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Dr. Memunatu Pratt has bidden farewell to the outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Hu zhangliang, saying that his Embassy’s support has contributed immensely to the development of the tourism sector.

In his remarks, Ambassador Hu Zhangliang noted that during his tenure of duty in Sierra Leone he received the general support of the Ministry and was glad that the cooperation between the two sides has yield fruitful results. He maintained that he enjoyed the friendliness and hospitality from the people of Sierra Leone for which he was grateful. He commended the government for creating the conducive conditions for development and people’s wellbeing, saying that China will always be there to support those efforts, he emphasized. He said the achievements of the government are numerous and tangible hence they cannot be overstressed, while adding that the bi-lateral and cultural relationships between the two countries will be further strengthen.

On her part, Dr. Memunatu Pratt thanked the Ambassador for his immense contributions to the sector, a boast she said that came at a time when the industry was in a desperate position to find friends. she mentioned that because the Ambassador understood the hurriedness of the sector and her desperation for progress, the tourism ministry was held in high esteem and a number of joint activities was done between the Ministry and the Embassy. She told the Ambassador that the Chinese support to attend cultural events in China, strengthening the Ministry’s relationship with the Conficius Institute and the provision of two tour buses to the sector have given them more impetus to take the sector to higher heights. She applauded Ambassador Hu Zhangliang for being an excellence diplomat that has carried himself with humility and a listening ears. She on behalf of the government and people of Sierra Leone wished him the very best in his next diplomatic assignment.

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