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Tripartite Agreement: One of Eight Key Resolutions in Unity Pact, Says ICPNC Executive Secretary

Hawa Samai, the Executive Secretary of the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion (ICPNC), clarified during a press briefing on Tuesday that the Tripartite Agreement is just one of eight resolutions agreed upon by Sierra Leone’s two major political parties.

She emphasized that the Tripartite Agreement, while significant, is not the only resolution in the Unity Agreement referenced as Resolution 3 among the Bintumani Peace Conference’s eight proposed resolutions.

“Even the MOU signed by the two political party stakeholders is part of Resolution 7, which has been agreed upon and published,” Samai remarked during her presentation.

“I don’t even know whether citizens are aware that this resolution is just one part of the Bintumani resolutions,” she added.

Samai elaborated that the Unity Agreement includes numerous critical resolutions that the public often overlooks. She highlighted the importance of public awareness and understanding of the entire process.

According to Samai, the main contention about the Tripartite Agreement has been misinterpreted by the public. The resolution states that “His Excellency the President should constitute the APC party cross-section committee to examine the electoral system and management body with three-way leadership—one from APC, one from SLPP, and another body to form the committee.”

This committee, she explained, will critically examine Sierra Leone’s electoral system, structures, and processes related to the 2023 electoral cycle. The committee will be informed by previous elections to enhance collaboration on verification, publication, and data in line with international best practices.

Upon setting up the management body, terms of reference were examined, and the body requested seven stakeholders each from the APC and the Government of Sierra Leone, in addition to the three initially selected stakeholders.

These fourteen members, comprising both APC and government representatives, have developed a communication and delivery framework, and critically analyzed the electoral legal system, framework, and institutional reports.

Samai assured the public that there is still an opportunity for citizens to submit their recommendations until June 19, the stipulated deadline for the final report. AJ/5/6/2024



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