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We Exist for your Safety and Security, IGP Sellu tells New Chinese Ambassador

Police Headquarters, George Street Freetown, Wednesday 18 January, 2023- The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mr. William Fayia Sellu has disclosed that one of the main reasons why the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) exist is to ensure safety and security for diplomats and diplomatic community.
He made this statement during a courtesy call-visit by the New Chinese Ambassador His Excellency Wang Qing at the SLP’S Headquarters in Freetown.

According to the Police Chief, the police has a lot of responsibilities in making sure that diplomats are comfortable and that the activities of the police should not hurt them.

In an explicit expression, IGP Sellu stated that China has provided huge support to Sierra Leone including expert and professional training for Sierra Leoneans, (military, police, civil servants and the media), equipments and infrastructure.

He disclosed being a beneficiary of Chinese training in 1999 when he travelled to China for a six month training in Special Guard Service and in 2013 for a month training in ine of the Chinese Police College.

SLP he added has benefited a lot of assisted projects from China citing the provision of Professional Cameras cameras and some infrastructural projects.

Sierra Leone and China he said are brothers and sisters, noting that most Sierra Leoneans only go to China to buy goods and were now happy that China is opening up to the country.

“As a small country, we want to lean on China as a pillar over our head” said IGP Sellu stating that China is a weather friend that has stood by Sierra Leone during thick and thin periods.

China’s Support to Sierra Leone he further stated can be felt in every part of the country and for that reason, we owe the Chinese people great debts of gratitude.

The SLP he assured would never let down China and called on the Ambassador to always count on the SLP for their safety and security.

He concluded that Ambassador Wang Qing’s predecessor facilitated the opening of a Chinese office at the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters at Pademba road which serves as liaison office in handling matters involving Chinese investors.

On his part, Ambassador Wang Qing disclosed that he is only 10 days old in Sierra Leone but was impressed with the security apparatus in the country which aids the smooth running of Chinese facilities like the China Sierra Leone friendship Hospital, CDC, Bio safety laboratory and ChineseCompanies.

He added that they have over two thousand Chinese Nationals staying and doing business in Sierra Leone in a very safe and peaceful atmosphere.

He therefore applauded the SLP for the quality safety and security service delivery to the Chinese Embassy and he was quick to commend the SLP and by extension, the government of Sierra Leone for a very peaceful and stable society.

He ended by saying “I will improve on the cooperation.



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