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School re-opening… Parents Express Dissatisfaction Over the Escalating Cost of School Materials

By Mamajah Jalloh

Both parents and guardians of pupils in Primary, Junior Secondary Schools, have expressed great dissatisfaction over the escalating cost of school materials to children who passed the NPSE Examination for entrance to JSS 1 this year.

Other parents and guardians interviewed say the university entrance examinations despite the WASCE results is also a concern worth reviewing by the appropriate education stakeholders.

Some say it does not give credibility to the Free Quality Education (FQE) which gives emphasis on education.

According to the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, schools will open on 4th September 2023. A Petty Traer at Sani Abacha Street, who is a single parent Aminata Sesay says she is extremely worried over the charges levied at school. She added that things are very expensive and also business are not going well for almost a month now.

 “I have three children going to schools. One boy and two girls the boy is about to sit the West African Examination Council (WASSCE) and her other children will take the National Primary School Examination (NPSE),” she lamented.

Aminata says that she will like the incumbent to include lesson as part of the curriculum or extra class to be able to complete the syllabus especial for examination candidates. She continued that this will help to take control of the extra burden on parents and guardians to pay for examination candidates to attend extra classes.

Aminata says that the incumbent promised to provide uniforms for school going pupils, but is yet to be accomplished as promise. She continued that the incumbent has done well for introducing the Free Quality Education as they no longer have to pay school fees for their children. She further stated that she will like the government to reconsider their promised on the uniforms.

She called on the authority to implement the monitoring role to know if teachers are doing their work well. She continued that without the effective support of teachers the pupils will not be properly taught.   

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