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Speaker of Parliament Cautions APC MPs 

By Mohamed Kamara

The Honourable Speaker of the 6th Parliament of Sierra Leone Hon. Abass Chernor Bundu has called on the hierarchy of the Main Opposition All Peoples Congress to allow the remaining 53 MPs who were declared as winners by the returning officer of ECSL to occupy their vacant seats in parliament or else they will have no one to blame for the consequences.

The speaker made this statement on the 25th July 2023 while addressing Parliamentarians. Dr. Bundu noted that walk-outs and boycotts of parliament is a question of the past that has no more room in the 21st century democratic dispensation. Addressing those who have chosen not to participate in the parliamentary proceedings, Dr. Bundu further stated that MPs lose their seats if they are absent from parliament for an extended period without valid reason.  Therefore, he has members of the main opposition APC party not to allow the current stalemate in their party to persist as it could have detrimental effect on both the party and the democratic process. He also reminded them of their commitment to a multi-party system emphasizing that the country shall never again return to a one – party system of governance. He continued that as Sierra Leone moves forward, the call to abandon out-dated political tools or behaviour is necessary to ensure the principles of parliamentary democracy and national democratic processes and practices works accordingly.

As part of its efforts to save lives…

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